-Interchangeable handles and integrated panels match every taste and style-

MILWAUKEE — Today’s homes are designed to fit busy lifestyles and demand amenities that offer convenience without skimping on style. Now, new design options from U-Line allow homeowners to have it all — premium undercounter appliances that keep ice, chilled beverages and food items within arms reach; and optional design elements that create the right look for any home, from classic to commercial or perfectly integrated.

U-Line Corporation, leading manufacturer of premium built-in, undercounter appliances for ice making, refrigeration and wine preservation, now offers interchangeable door handles for select models and a variety of custom panel options that allow homeowners to select design elements that will work best in their homes.

“Design options are very important to today’s homeowner,” states Jennifer Uihlein Straszewski, president of U-Line Corporation. “With U-Line’s new flexible design options, homeowners can choose the model they want and modify the exterior look with a different handle or custom panel, creating an appliance tailored to their personal taste.”

New from U-Line, an interchangeable door or drawer handle option for Échelon Series models allows homeowners to modify their appliance’s look. U-Line’s top tier product line, the elegant Échelon Series is defined by gently contoured lines, including the subtle arc of the vertical door handle and horizontal drawer handle. However, if a homeowner selects an Échelon Series model but prefers to make a bolder design statement, an optional commercial-style handle with clean, straight lines can be purchased to replace it. The interchangeable handle option is available now on select stainless steel Échelon Series door and drawer front models, including the Refrigerator Drawer, Combo® Drawer, Wine Captain® Drawer and Beverage Center. By fall 2007, the interchangeable handle option will be available for all Échelon Series stainless steel ice makers, refrigerators, Combo ice maker/refrigerators, Wine Captain models and a refrigerator/freezer.

For homeowners who prefer to integrate their appliances into surrounding cabinetry, U-Line offers different options to appeal to every taste. Échelon Series models can be completely concealed from view with full overlay custom-made wood door or drawer fronts that match surrounding cabinetry. Glass front models, such as Wine Captains and Beverage Centers, can be outfitted with full overlay door or drawer frames. Specially designed overlay models for all Drawers, Wine Captains and the Beverage Center arrive ready for installation with custom panels. Other solid door front Échelon Series models, such as ice makers, refrigerators, Combo refrigerator/ice makers and a refrigerator/freezer, can be ordered with installation kits for attaching custom panels to the doors.

As an alternative to the fully integrated look, all Échelon Series and Origins Series models with solid black or white doors are compatible with 1/4-inch custom panel insert fronts. The finished look incorporates the wood cabinet design with the partially visible appliance door and existing integrated handle.

U-Line products are available nationwide at select kitchen design centers and appliance retailers.

Since 1962, U-Line Corporation has been the leading innovator of premium built-in, undercounter ice makers, Combo® ice maker/refrigerators, Wine Captain® wine storage units, refrigerators, refrigerated drawers and refrigerator/freezers. U-Line is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., and has a West Coast office in Laguna Beach, Calif. For more information on U-Line and its products, visit www.u-line.com.