-New appliance drawer systems break the mold offering style, storage and convenience-

MILWAUKEE — A revolution is happening underneath the countertop. Where once there were doors, now there are drawers. Drawers that refrigerate, make ice, store frozen foods and even chill wine. Today’s hottest appliances have broken out of the box and are redefining the way Americans outfit their kitchens and homes.

U-Line Corporation, leading innovator of premium built-in, undercounter appliances for ice making, refrigeration and wine preservation, offers a complete line of undercounter drawer systems as part of its premier Échelon Series, including a Refrigerator Drawer, Combo® Drawer and Wine Captain® Drawer.

“Drawers offer an exciting and stylish twist on traditional appliances,” remarks Jennifer Uihlein Straszewski, president of U-Line Corporation. “Today’s updated undercounter look follows a horizontal design trend that opts for more drawers versus cabinets with doors. Drawers have an aesthetic edge, and are highly functional and more convenient to use.”

The undercounter drawer trend continues to gain momentum because of the convenience drawers offer, especially in the kitchen. Drawers designed for organizing and storing special items, such as spices or cookware, can be much more functional than their cabinetry counterparts. When opened, drawers instantly reveal their contents at a glance and make organization and accessibility an easy task.

Appliance drawers are designed to provide the same convenience. They ease organization and storage of important food items, and simplify the retrieval process by keeping everything visible and within arms reach. Refrigerated drawers in the prep area are ideal for storing produce, fresh herbs and specialty items at the point of use. Drawers that also provide ice making and freezer storage are ideal in living and entertaining areas outside of the kitchen, and wine storage drawers are the ultimate in wine preservation appliances.

Each two-drawer appliance system from U-Line features high-end design elements and the flexibility to customize any model to fit specific needs and preferences. Stainless steel models feature stainless drawer frames or fronts, elegant contoured handles affixed horizontally on each drawer, black interiors, and touch control digital technology to simplify seeing and setting the temperature. If preferred, an optional commercial-style drawer handle is also available.

For homeowners who choose to completely integrate appliances into a room’s overall design, a separate overlay model is available for each drawer system. Each Drawer Overlay model is designed to accept a custom-made full overlay wood drawer frame to match the surrounding cabinetry in the home.

Refrigerator Drawer
Organization is a defining design element of U-Line’s 2275DWRR Refrigerator Drawer. The top drawer comes complete with an exclusive organizational divider that is easily adjusted to the configuration of the drawer’s contents. A top-mounting clear storage bin provides extra space for food as well as 2-litre bottles or bottles of wine. The lower drawer includes a convenient clear crisper drawer situated under a glass shelf that is removable for storage of taller items.

Combo® Drawer – Refrigerator/Freezer/Ice Maker
U-Line’s C2275DWR Combo Drawer combines refrigeration, freezer space, and ice making and storage capabilities. Reserved for refrigeration only, the upper drawer features exclusive organizational tools that allow homeowners to customize the drawer for their changing storage needs. In the lower drawer, the frost-free ice maker produces up to six pounds of ice a day and stores 10 pounds. The freezer space accommodates a variety of items including half gallons of ice cream.

Wine Captain® Drawer
New design elements make U-Line’s 2275DWRW Wine Captain Drawer one of today’s most sophisticated appliances. Newly enhanced stainless steel frames on both glass drawer fronts and new black drawer interiors create a dramatic presentation of the bottles inside. Tinted, thermal-tempered glass prevents potentially harmful UV light rays from penetrating the cabinet. Sliding wine racks and a removable wine caddy are trimmed in natural maple that can be custom stained to match existing cabinetry.

Each drawer is a highly specialized, independently refrigerated unit with separate temperature control capabilities. The top and bottom drawers can be set to maintain their own unique temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, providing flexible storage options for different types of wine. New digital temperature displays are now located in each drawer, handsomely integrated into the wood rack fronts. Touch control digital technology puts the ability to adjust the temperature of either drawer right at your fingertips.

All U-Line drawer systems are available nationwide at select kitchen design centers and appliance retailers.

Since 1962, U-Line Corporation has been the leading innovator of premium built-in, undercounter ice makers, Combo® ice maker/refrigerators, Wine Captain® wine storage units, refrigerators, refrigerated drawers and refrigerator/freezers. U-Line is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., and has a West Coast office in Laguna Beach, Calif. For more information on U-Line and its products, visit www.u-line.com.