-Wine appliances guarantee proper storage conditions and serving temperatures-

Red and white just might be the new colors of Christmas. Americans are drinking more wine than ever; an estimated 259 million cases in 2006 according to the Wine Market Council. Chances are good that your cup of holiday cheer will be filled with a cabernet or chardonnay this year. But before you raise your glass in a toast, are you certain that you’re serving your guests an optimal wine experience?

Storage conditions and serving temperature can greatly impact a wine’s taste. Wine that is kept at too warm a temperature will age prematurely; stored too cold and deposits or other suspensions can develop inside the bottle. A lack of humidity will cause corks to dry out allowing air in. Ultraviolet light can taint the aroma and ruin the bottle entirely. Served at the wrong temperature, the individual characteristics of each wine will be lost.

“There are many nuances to storing and serving wine that can intimidate enthusiasts of every level,” remarks Jennifer Uihlein, president of U-Line Corporation, manufacturer of Wine Captain® wine preservation appliances. “Today’s wine storage appliances eliminate confusion by providing proper storage conditions and preferred serving temperatures so that wine is always ready to be enjoyed.”

The Wine Captain was the first residential appliance of its kind, introduced to the North American market in 1985. Today U-Line offers the most innovative line of undercounter wine preservation systems available, including cabinet and drawer models.

The classic 24-inch-wide cabinet style Wine Captain stores up to 48 bottles in a triple temperature zone environment. The lower, middle and upper sections of the cabinet’s interior each maintain separate temperatures from 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit to house sparkling, white and red wines appropriately at their optimal serving temperatures. All Wine Captain products provide a stable temperature environment, maintain 50 percent relative humidity, are vibration safe, and block UV light rays with tinted, thermal-tempered glass, creating cellar-like conditions in convenient, stylish appliances.

The Wine Captain Drawer offers the ultimate in flexibility for whatever your wine storage needs may be. A single unit with two drawers, each drawer maintains a stable environment while providing the added convenience of independent temperature control. Depending on personal preference, each drawer can be set separately between 40 and 60 degrees. Reds could be kept at 58 degrees in the upper drawer, while whites chilled below at 48 degrees. As storage needs change, the temperature is easily adjusted with
U-Line’s Touch Control digital technology. The Wine Captain Drawer accommodates up to 43 bottles.

All Wine Captain models conform to standard cabinet sizes. Measuring just 15 or 24 inches wide, a Wine Captain can easily replace an existing cabinet or be included in a remodel or new design. Wine Captains are available at select kitchen design centers and appliance retailers nationwide.

Since 1962, U-Line Corporation has been the leading innovator of premium built-in, undercounter ice makers, Combo® ice maker/refrigerators, Wine Captain® wine storage units, refrigerators, refrigerated drawers and refrigerator/freezers. U-Line is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., and has a West Coast office in Laguna Beach, Calif. For more information about U-Line and its products, visit www.u-line.com.

MEDIA NOTE: High-resolution digital images of all U-Line products are available online. Go to www.u-lineimages.com. First-time users are required to register a user name and password that will be activated within 24 hours. Once logged in, select from “Glamour Photos” for product installation images, or “Stand Alone Model Photos” for images of appliances only against a white background. Click on “Echelon Series” under either category to view Wine Captain cabinet and drawer models. A page of thumbnail images will appear. To select an image, simply click on the thumbnail for download options.