December 29, 2014 (Milwaukee, WI) – U-Line, the American market leader in premium modular ice making, refrigeration and wine preservation products have launched two new modular 24” Drawer Models, spanning U-Line’s Modular 3000 Series (3024DWR) and 1000 Series (1224DWR).

U-Line’s new 24” Drawer Models offer premium performance to ensure your food and beverages are preserved in the optimal environment with enhanced accessibility, large capacities, and flawless integration capabilities. Both the 3024DWR and 1224DWR are engineered to be installed in a variety of applications, including kitchen islands. All U-Line Drawer Models actively maintain a stable temperature to ensure proper preservation while sustaining temperatures to within 1°F of the set point. Both the 3024DWR and 1224DWR are offered in stainless and integrated finishes. U-Line’s integrated finish allows for installation of a ¾” custom integrated panel/frame of your choice; no kits or accessories needed.

“We are seeing a trend towards open space modular kitchen designs that incorporate horizontal lines” states Mark Russell, VP of Sales and Marketing for U-Line. “Additionally, kitchens with open shelving rather than closed upper cabinets are becoming more prominent. U-Line’s new 24” Drawer Models support this design direction where desired by offering products with horizontal linear elements, rather than breaking up the design with vertical lines.”


Features offered in the Modular 3000 Series Independent Dual-Zone 24” Drawer Model (3024DWR):

  • The 3024DWR is equipped with our convection cooling system, rapidly and efficiently taking items to your set temperature. It also offers our U-Select® Control, making it quick and simple to choose from one of the 5 pre-programmed modes: Deli, Market, Root Cellar, Pantry, and Beverage mode; or you can simply adjust the temperature based on your personal preference, ranging from 34°F - 70°F.
  • Two independently controlled drawers ensure all your contents will be preserved to perfection.
  • The 3024DWR offers black interiors that gently illuminate with LED theater lighting, then softly dim off when the door is closed. Light intensity can be set to low, medium, or high.
  • Upper bin includes Slide and Divide bin organizer, which adjusts to hold tall items securely and ensures optimal organization for all your contents.
  • The 3024DWR stores up to 90 bottles (12 oz) or up to 142 cans (12 oz).
  • The lower bins are large enough to fit 2 one-gallon containers with additional space for more storage.
  • Adjustable grille allows for front ventilation, ensuring your model can be installed in a variety of applications, including islands. Grilles can be shifted front-to-back and up-and-down to ensure alignment with adjacent cabinetry toe-kicks. Grilles can accept a custom integrated toe-kick; or run your continuous custom integrated toe-kick that extends the full cabinet length to create a design that seamlessly integrates with your surrounding cabinetry.
  • Four independently adjustable leveling legs provide a precise undercounter fit. Rear legs are accessible and adjustable from the front for ease of installation. Models offer a 1” range of height flexibility, reducing installation time and ensuring a seamlessly integrated fit.


Features offered in the 1000 Series 24” Drawer Model (1224DWR):

  • The 1224DWR offers our Digital Touch Pad Control, allowing you to easily set the temperature, ranging from 34°F - 45°F.
  • The 1224DWR offers black interiors and LED lighting that illuminates your contents beautifully.
  • The 1224DWR stores up to 98 bottles (12 oz) or up to 150 cans (12 oz).
  • The lower bins are large enough to fit 2 one-gallon containers with additional space for more storage.

About U-Line

For over five decades, and through three generations, U-Line continues to be the American leader in innovation, quality and performance in the premium built-in modular ice making, refrigeration and wine preservation market. Delivering versatility and flexibility for multiple applications including residential, light commercial, outdoor and marine use, U-Line’s complete product collection includes modular Wine Captain® Models, Beverage Centers, Clear Ice Machines, Crescent Ice Makers, Glass & Solid Door Refrigerators, Drawer Models, Freezers, and Combo® Models. U-Line is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a west coast office located in Laguna Beach, California. For more information on U-Line and its products visit Right Product. Right Place. Right Temperature.®

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