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We are committed to providing premium refrigeration; therefore we implement a variety of technologies to ensure extended preservation of your food and beverages. We offer the widest temperature range in the industry. Our glass door models feature LowE coated, argon gas filled thermopane glass to protect your fresh ingredients, craft beer, and favorite wines from harmful UV light.

Many items have an optimum storage temperature. Storing foods & beverages at their preferred temperature is the best way to maintain freshness and flavor, which ultimately requires fewer trips to the store and results in less food discarded – saving you money. Our Digital Touch Pad control provides an intuitive display for quick and simple control and allows you to adjust temperatures based on your preference.

Optimal Food & Beverage Storage Temperatures

Food & beverages taste better, longer


Range: 34°F - 40°F

Recommended Set Point: 36°F

Perfect for: Meat, fish, poultry, butter, or other dairy items, garlic, oils, nuts, and condiments.

Recreate the ideal showcase conditions of a fine, neighborhood deli. Cheeses, condiments, lunch meats, and other delicacies stay fresh and last longer when preserved properly.


Range: 34°F - 40°F

Recommended Set Point: 38°F

Perfect for: Fruits, vegetables, berries, and leafy greens.

Whether you like to keep fresh-picked strawberries on hand, or an entire summer salad ready to serve at a moment’s notice, this temperature range is the ideal choice for your fresh fruits and veggies.

Root Cellar

Range: 45°F - 55°F

Recommended Set Point: 50°F

Perfect for: Root vegetables, potatoes, onions, lemons, limes, melons, peppers, and beans.

Rural homeowners in years past knew that farm-fresh produce was best kept in cool, dark root cellars. This temperature range maintains crispness and preserves freshness without getting too cool.


Range: 34°F - 70°F

Recommended Set Point: 42°F

Perfect for: Dry goods, baking ingredients, spices and seasonings.

Factors like unstable temperature, light, bugs, and moisture all affect the extended preservation of your dry goods. Many dry goods can be purchased in bulk, which makes it that much more important to store them properly. Extend the life of your dry goods like flour, seasonings, and grains by offering an environment that maintains a stable temperature and ideal moisture level.


Range: 34°F - 65°F

Recommended Set Point: 38°F

Perfect for: Perfectly chilled for all types of beverages.

Soft drinks, juices, beer and wine are at their best when chilled, yet you may prefer some items colder than others. Whatever your “perfect” temperature is, our Beverage Centers and refrigeration units let you set—and keep— your refreshments just right.


Range: 5°F - 5°F

Recommended Set Point: 0°F

Perfect for: Ice cream, popsicles, frozen meals, meats, desserts, fruits, vegetables.

Ensure your everyday frozen goods, like ice cream, are preserved to perfection without a trace of freezer burn.

Optimal Wine Storage Temperatures

Enjoy your wine the way it was meant to be enjoyed

Specialty Settings

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Sparkling Wines

Range: 38°F - 50°F

Recommended Set Point: 45°F

Perfect for: Sparkling wines, sweet whites and dessert wines.

Champagne, Prosecco, Cuvée, and other sparkling wines are best stored at a low temperature. Yet, chill wines too cold, and they lose their flavor and balance. Extend the preservation of the bottles you treasure.

White Wine

Range: 45°F - 55°F

Recommended Set Point: 50°F

Perfect for: All white wine varietals.

You may choose to preserve fuller-bodied or oaked white wines at about 50°F degrees, whereas medium to light-bodied whites may be better kept at a slightly lower 45°F - 50°F. No matter your preference, ensure your next glass of wine is perfectly cool and crisp.

Red Wine

Range: 55°F - 65°F

Recommended Set Point: 55°F

Perfect for: All red wine varietals.

Whether your tastes skew in favor of full-bodied intense reds, medium-bodied reds, or more toward the lighter fruity red wines, ensure you retain the delicious fullness of these selections.

Specialty Settings

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Many U-Line models are Star-K certified and offer a Sabbath setting. The Sabbath setting disables system responses to user initiated activities and all external functions; including lighting, display and audible alarms. The unit will continue to maintain its internal set temperature while in Sabbath setting. View a full list of Star-K certified U-Line units at www.star-k.org.

Quick Chill

Just bought a room temperature pack of beer or soda and your guests are arriving soon? No worries when your unit is equipped with the Quick Chill setting. The Quick Chill setting can be used to rapidly chill your contents to the lowest temperature in each mode for a designated period of time. Available on 3000 Series models with U-Select Control.

Energy Saver

Energy efficiency is a priority when designing U-Line models. The Energy Saver setting reduces the amount of energy the unit consumes. U-Line has the largest energy efficient undercounter offering in the industry. Available on 3000 Series models with U-Select Control.