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What is Modular Refrigeration?

U-Line introduces a revolutionary approach to food and beverage preservation, offering the first flexible design solution that provides a better alternative to conventional “big-box” refrigerators. U-Line’s advanced refrigeration systems, large and flexible capacities, and seamless integration capabilities allow you to preserve the right product, in the right place, at the right temperature. U-Line modular refrigeration products allow you to design your kitchen around you, not your refrigerator.

Right Product. Right Place. Right Temperature.


U-Line 24” Solid Door Refrigerator Modular Refrigeration 3024RINT

Keep kids from constantly running through the kitchen while you are working with a fridge located on the perimeter of your kitchen set to Beverage mode. Kids can efficiently grab-and-go without continuously disrupting your meal prep.

U-Line Modular 3000 Series 3024DWR Drawer Model

Decrease messes and increase efficiency by storing your fruit and vegetables in a fridge near your prep sink. Reduce food waste by utilizing optimal temperatures for market fresh vegetables or root vegetables to keep your fresh fruit and vegetables taste better, longer.

U-Line 24” Wine Cooler Wine Captain Model Modular Refrigeration 3024ZWCINT

Decrease kitchen traffic for those quenching a glass of wine, crisp cold beer, or ice by strategically placing your Wine, Beverage Center, or Ice Machine in a wet bar outside of the kitchen.

U-Line Modular 3000 Series Modular Kitchen 3018RINT, 3024ZWCINT

Increase your refrigeration accessibility without compromising capacities by placing a refrigerator near the edge of the kitchen. Set your temperature to store deli or pantry items so kids can grab a snack without running through the kitchen.