Can U-Chill be used outdoors?
Yes. U-Chill is designed to operate within an ambient temperature range of 50°F – 90°F. The unit should be covered and not exposed to direct sunlight.

How is the temperature controlled?
No temperature setting is required. Simply touch the crown to keep a chilled bottle within 2°F - 4°F.

Will it chill a warm bottle?
U-Chill is designed to maintain the temperature of an already chilled bottle. However, a warm bottle will slowly cool over several hours.

Besides wine, what else can I use U-Chill for?
Perfect for craft beer, carafes of water or juice, bottled soft drinks, spirits, and other beverages.

Do I need to remember to turn U-Chill off?
No. U-Chill will power off automatically after 4 hours. If you choose to run U-Chill longer, simply touch the crown to activate for another 4 hours.

Will my bottle fit?
U-Chill accommodates many bottle shapes and sizes, up to 3-7/8” in diameter.

How much energy is used to power U-Chill?
U-Chill uses 12v and requires less power than an average 60 watt light bulb.

Can U-Chill be used outside the US?
Yes. U-Chill comes with a transformer and a power cord that fits a standard US plug. If you choose to use this outside the US, an additional compatible power cord is required, but not available from U-Line.

How loud is U-Chill?
Using only a very small fan below the countertop, U-Chill is nearly inaudible.

How durable is U-Chill?
The visible crown is made with 316L marine-grade stainless steel that resists corrosion and is hand polished to a mirrored finish. The interior cylinder is made of durable anodized aluminum.

How do I clean it?
Simply spray with a mild cleaning solution and wipe out with a soft cloth or sponge. The crown can be polished with a soft cloth.

What if I spill something inside of it?
No worries. The spill is contained inside of the cylinder. Simply wipe out with a soft cloth or sponge.