What is TDS?

TDS (or Total Dissolved Solids) are substances dissolved in water, and are generally not visible. These can include minerals, salts, metals, plant material, phosphates, nitrates, potassium, calcium, and chloride.

Please Note: Nugget Ice Machines are not recommended for use with softened water. Higher levels of water hardness will require more frequent cleanings. Regardless of water quality, periodic cleaning removes scale buildup inside the machine resulting in better performance and a longer product life. Cleanings and service related to lack of cleaning is not covered under warranty.


Keeping your Nugget Ice Machine clean ensures your machine produces fresh, clean ice. Register your product today and receive a free cleaning kit. (Nugget Ice Machines produced September 2021 and later)

For first-time installations, a filter head is required. The filter head is essential, and makes replacing your in-line filter simple, and quick.

Purchase a standard in-line water filter designed to connect to the filter head. You're another step closer to a cocktail or soft drink with your favorite ice!

Purchase a large in-line water filter designed to connect to the filter head. Soon you'll be serving up a glass of nugget ice ready for a beverage!

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